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My Approach

My practice warm, inviting, and accepting of who you are and where you are at right now

I draw on all of my skills and experience to be fully engaged with you as we work towards your therapy goals. I can be practical in my approach as well as psychotherapeutic. In the beginning, we may work together to ease the immediate anxiety, numbness, or distress you are feeling. As our work together continues, we may shift our focus towards achieving longer term goals, including coming to terms with traumatic experiences, deepening relationships, and living a more satisfying life.

I work with clients to help ease the symptoms of trauma held in their bodies

Clients come to me when they have trouble feeling safe, calm, and present in their bodies. Using a mindfulness-based approach, I help clients deepen their connection to their bodies by increasing their awareness of body sensations and movements. With a deeper awareness of their bodies, they are then able to take effective action to help themselves feel better.

​I work with clients to help them regulate their emotions so that they can tolerate their feelings

You may be overwhelmed by their emotions, or you may feel numb and disengaged, ashamed and hopeless. This is critical, because if you can't calm your feelings, it is very difficult to think clearly and find solutions to problems in your life.

I work with clients to help them discover and challenge old beliefs that hold them to certain thought, behavioural and physical patterns

Over time clients develop new insights into their difficulties as they learn to be present with whatever challenges arise. Through this process they are able to rework old patterns, and gain new resources to challenge old beliefs.

My approach is grounded in my professional qualifications and over 30 years of experience

I am a registered psychotherapist, a certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist, a trained Occupational Therapist, and a certified yoga teacher. I draw on all of these approaches, as well as a wealth of wisdom gained from working with people of all different backgrounds and experiences to help you meet your therapy goals.

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